Who We Are

VOX Aircraft was formed to complete a series of industry-changing fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft projects. VOX has successfully acquired all of the intellectual property (IP), prototypes and proprietary technology developments of the former Morgan Aircraft company. All of the Morgan patents have been assigned to VOX and we have taken possession of the assets, engineering data, and sub-scale demonstration and developmental airframes. VOX is immediately moving to finish next iterations of the advanced airframe analysis and building next generation proof of concept (POC) airframes to enter small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) and larger aircraft markets as well.

Our Mission

VOX Aircraft intends to lead and expand this industry niche of VTOL drones and UAVs in ways that will positively impact our customers, end users, and our partners. This will be accomplished through true innovation and effective teamwork within our company and in our business relationships. This is demonstrated not only by our designs, but by our strong professional interactions as well. It will be identifiable by our dedication to lasting business and personal relationships, and by a commitment to serve others with our enterprise, our products, and our people. We are governed by principles and policies structured around core values that are commensurate with strong family, truth, and integrity.

Meet the Team

Meet the VOX Aircraft team, pulling from years of experience and expertise to design the world's most innovative VTOL airframe configuration.

Brian Morgan

Co-Founder, COO & CTO

Brian Morgan is the inventor of VOX’s aircraft configurations technology. He serves as VOX’s Chief Engineering Advisor, and is the EVP Engineering and COO/CTO. Morgan’s career positions have afforded him a wide variety of team growing and leadership roles. He has led projects creating highly automated production lines and robotics cells, as well as product design through full PLM from napkin sketch to production. Brian earned his first degree in Aviation Business & Technology in 1985, which is also when the VOX fixed-wing VTOL concept was born on his drawing board. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1989 and has also been awarded several specialized technical engineering certifications for robotics and business programming, and many CAE/CAD and FEA software packages. He is an Aircraft Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic, a private pilot, and also a certified Part 107 sUAS/UAV pilot. Brian has been awarded several patents for industrial products and he’s the author and co-author of the core and subsequent VOX aircraft patents respectively.

Sam Lubbat


Sam co-founded VOX Aircraft in 2017. He is the principal at Tricove Consulting where he manages other investments and portfolios. He is a graduate of Loyola University from their Marketing & Finance program, and he attended St Edwards College, Malta as well.  Sam is also a former member of Chicago Board of Trade.

Dr. Hsin-Hua Tsuei

Chief Aerodynamicist, Consultant

Dr. Hsin-Hua Tsuei (pronounced like “sway”) received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He has over 25 years of experience providing engineering analysis and innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial systems. Some of the methodology had been first of its kind, pushing technology envelop to a new level. He is passionate to work with companies to identify projects of interest, resolve challenging technical issues, explain what-if scenarios, and provide suggestions for potential design iterations. Dr. Tsuei has worked on the development of several conceptual VTOL vehicles with high disc loading ducted fans to provide critical aircraft performance analysis such as payload, power, lift, drag, hover, transition, loading, range, etc… to address aircraft design variations prior to prototype testing. He has also provided fluids and integrated system solutions for many applications, including axial and centrifugal turbomachinery, VTOL vehicles, aero and space propulsion, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), conjugate heat transfer (CHT), coal and hydrocarbon fuel combustion, power generation, CVD reactors, steam generators, fuel cells, multi-phase flows, chemical processing, HVAC, bio-medical fluids, etc.

Kevin Wright

Mechanical Design, Consultant

Kevin Wright is a Professional Mechanical Engineering Design Consultant, with an Associate Degree in Product Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He has been involved with many aspects of the Vox design and development over the years. As one of the early engineering members of the Morgan Aircraft team he was involved in the design, development and testing of the company’s earliest airframes. With an extensive background in 3D CAD modeling he was instrumental turning accelerating designs that were analyzed through CFD and flown as scale models. Prior to venturing into the aerospace sector, Kevin was a product designer for a major garage door manufacturing firm and was awarded 2 patents for designs that were brought to market.

Significant Historical Consultants/Firms

Bill Horn provided extensive technical and aero input into the program as one of Morgan’s chief engineering consultants. He is the President of JKJ Engineered Technologies, Lusby, MD, an aircraft design consulting firm. He is a former Senior Aircraft Designer at the U.S. Navy’s Naval Air Warfare Center. He has led a wide range of advanced programs including a 5,000-ton surface-effect aircraft, the High-Speed Weapons Study, Seaplane/WIG Design, Shape-changing Aircraft, UAV Technologies, and a C-130 Floatplane.

Dr. Kenneth Rosen served as Morgan’s Senior Technical Consultant. He is the Founding Partner of Aero-Science Technology Associates (ASTA), an engineering and business development consulting firm established in 2002. ASTA also serves as an advisor to the Department of Defense. He is the former VP of Research & Engineering at Sikorsky Aircraft and served as a member of the Sikorsky Executive Board. During his tenure with Sikorsky he led advanced propulsion and integration programs, and the Black Hawk and Comanche attack helicopter programs. His expertise includes VTOL technology, rotors, ducting, stability and control, high-tech materials, systems integration, forward flight, anti-icing systems, and FAA certification.

CAE Associates was the Company’s (Morgan Aircraft’s) primary third-party CFD consultant. CAE is also the outside CFD firm for GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Northrop, British Aerospace Systems, Sikorsky, and many other top aerospace and defense companies. Dr. Tsuei (see above bio) was the head of there CFD programs and projects at this time, before starting his own specialty aerodynamics and analysis firm himself, which he still operates to this day.

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